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Our government segment provides a wide array of technical services and solutions, primarily to U.S. federal, state and local government agencies. Our commercial segment provides technology-driven consulting, systems integration and outsourcing services and solutions in selected commercial markets.

Featured Services

Systems Engineering and Integration

S4 develops and integrates complete systems of all sizes, bringing to bear our unique combination of deep scientific and technical expertise, broad experience in the environments in which the systems will be used, and strong systems engineering and program management processes and skills.




S4 provides flexible benefit choices designed to suit employees' needs and the needs of their families. Each employee assumes the responsibility for making important decisions regarding his or her personal well-being. Our employees are eligible to receive insurance benefits, paid holidays, paid training and retirement.

Fully Funded Retirement Plan

S4 contributes a percentage of the gross salary into the employee’s Retirement Plan. Investment options for the plan include a comprehensive suite of best-in-class mutual funds across all investment categories. Employees direct the plan contributions into the mutual funds that best suit their individual investment goals.

401(K) Plan

Under the 401K plan, employees may choose to make pre-tax voluntary contributions. As with the Retirement Plan, employees direct their 401K contributions into mutual funds that best suit their investment goals. Our 401K program offers a comprehensive suite of best in-class mutual funds across all investment categories.

Bonus Plan

All employees share in the success of S4. A discretionary bonus is paid annually and is based on hours worked and profits.


Employees accrue 20 days of paid time off per year. These amounts increase at milestones of employment.


Our employees receive 10 paid holidays, which correspond to the 10 federal holidays. We offer four (4) of these holidays (Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Birthday, Presidents' Day, Columbus Day and Veterans' Day) as “floater” holidays. When our clients’ contract terms permit, employees may work a “floater” holiday and then claim that holiday by taking time off at a later date.

Medical/Dental/Vision Insurance

S4 provides quality health insurance for our employees and their families. S4 offers CareFirst HMO medical insurance through Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Maryland. S4 is compliant with all federal laws as to portability of insurance.

Group Life Insurance

S4 fully funds Life Insurance coverage in the amount of one time the employee's salary.

Short-Term Disability (STD) and Long-Term Disability (LTD)

S4 fully funds Short-Term and Long-Term Disability insurance, if employee qualify.

Employee Referral Bonus Program

We are constantly expanding our staff of highly-skilled consultants. S4 offers a referral bonus to employees for each candidate referred, hired and employed with S4 for more than 90 days.

Professional Development

S4's staff is composed of exceptional individuals working in a dynamic and ever-changing technical world. In order to lead in this field, we offer funds for conferences, seminars, and degree programs. We also fund professional memberships, books, and journals.


S4 funds access to the Internet via Cable Modem, FiOS, or DSL.


S4 provides employees with computers under two different plans; No-cost and 50-50.

Other Perks

Gym memberships, entertaiment cost, cash awards, one weekend trip per year to destinations outside Maryland, and more.